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I mentioned in my review of Hursey’s that there were better barbecue places nearby. I was thinking of Clark’s Barbecue in Kernersville, which is a mere 37 miles away, and well worth the trip. Clark’s has been around since 1993, since a Davison County (Lexington) family decided to set up shop in Kernersville. They cook Lexington-style True ‘Cue, pork shoulders over wood. And they offer vegetables. Clark’s is unusual among traditional barbecue places in that they offer lots of vegetables (all, I presume, flavored with pork.).

How I miss the vegetables of my youth, the great meals cooked by Dear, and the Meat and Threes that sparkle across the Deep South. Vegetables are rare in traditional barbecue North Carolina places. Richard’s and Bum’s are the only other places that come…more

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Our History

Clark’s Barbecue started in 1993 when the Gentry men set out on their quest to bring quality Lexington Pit-Style Barbecue to Kernersville, North Carolina. The Gentry’s are natives of Davidson County where the famous Lexington wood fueled, pit-style barbecue was born. They set out to create a local barbecue joint like they grew up with back home. Randy, a second generation Gentry in the barbecue business still owns the restaurant today. His favorite meal includes the Coarse Chopped Barbecue, a staple for any barbecue aficionados looking for an authentic barbecue joint experience. The Coarse Chopped Barbecue consistently provides the authentic flavor from their wood-fired pit giving it the perfect amount of saltiness, spice, and smoked flavor. Clark originates from the middle name of both Randy’s dad and brother a name that has been passed down for generations.


Daily Specials

Monday: Country Fried Steak
Tuesday: Manager’s Special
Wednesday: Meatloaf
Thursday: BBQ Ribs | Salmon Patties
Friday: BBQ Ribs | BBQ Chicken
Saturday: BBQ Ribs | BBQ Chicken


Throwing a big party and want to make sure your guests are full when they leave? Clark’s Barbecue can provide a multitude of different options to suit your party’s needs. We cater real pit cooked barbecue anywhere in the triad.

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